Do You Own A Condo

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If you’re thinking of buying a condo, there are lots of reasons why it might be a smart move right now. Condos have never been more popular, particularly with the aging Baby Boomer population, which is starting to downsize and move into homes that are easier to care for. As a result, condos are in high demand and appreciating faster than single-family homes.

Actually, renting or buying a condo can look eerily similar to renting or buying a house, but don’t be fooled. Choosing to move into a condo and deciding whether to buy or rent has its own set of considerations.

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The general rule of thumb: If you purchase a condo, you own just the inside of the building. If you purchase a townhouse, you might own the property outside as well per the bylaws of your.

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In owning a condominium, your apartment and a percentage of the. it comes to what you do with your property-renting it out, for instance,

Condo Remodeling: When Permits and Approval Are Needed. Now let’s tweak the scenario a bit: she lives in a condominium. Screeech! Yes, that’s a sound bite of a record needle scratching across an LP, meaning: stop right now. With respect to remodeling, condos can be both wonderful and a nightmare.

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Every morning, I water the plants in front of my condo in West Hartford and watch my neighbor wait. even though he has a.

I’m looking into purchasing a condo for around 100,000-125,000. I have average credit (about 700ish). With a down payment of 10%. -What will my payments be?(estimate) -Are condo fees a monthly bill or is it annual..? If so how much should i expect to pay in condo fees? -Are property taxes included in the condo fee?

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So, you decide to start with a condo. That feels like a safe option. You need to take a hard look at your budget and make.

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